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Join Our Distribution Team.

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CTECHI is committed to fully understanding and meeting our customers' requirements on a Global scale without any reservations. We realize that every one of us, along with our loyal customers and suppliers, plays a very critical role in the process of continually improving how we fulfill our commitments on a globally. This indeed calls for a robust global distribution network with the best institutions on the global scale.

If you're interested in becoming an authorized CTECHI distributor in your region(s), please kindly review our primary requirements below. If your organization meets these requirements, please kindly fill out all the data in the below distributor application form and send it to us by mail info@ctech.net.cn

Primary Requirements:

1.      An established channel of distribution appropriate for our type of product range.

2.      Adequate number of representatives that will ensure quality service delivery and distribution with in the specified territory.

3.      A valid fully functional system/ network for ordering, warehousing, and shipping.

4.      Relevant resources to enable the adaption of marketing and promotional material to suit regional language and presentation standards.

5.      Core understanding of all export/import regulations pertaining to the Region.

6.      A feasible approved business plan for developing the Region.

7.      Sufficient capital that will aid in delivering all the business plan objectives.

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